Epm members of 2019-20

Memebers of 2019-20; Melitta Kleanthous (melkleanth@gmail.com) Chrysa Tzika (xrysa.tzika1@gmail.com) Sophie Iakovidou (iakovidousofia05@gmail.com) Irene- Mary Filippou (irenemariafilippou@gmail.com) Melina Gounopoulou (gounopoulm@sch.gr) Dimitra Strakali (dimitrastrakali@gmail.com) Tsitos Dimitris- Hercules (tsitos85@gmail.com) George Marantidis(marasgeorge24@gmail.com)

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Our Team is working every Tuesday after our official school program. Some students are preparing fun pages while others are editing an article about the great philosopher  Aristotle.

Issue 2 of 2015

We are happy to announce that the epm greek team has finished the 2/2015 issue. It will be released on the official epm magazine official site soon!!

Greek EPM Team 2016-2017

Three years ago we were first comers and we created EPM issues from scratch. Today, three years later, our team is bigger. We have six new members from all grades of our school. We are happy that we are cooperating and we are working in two new issues. Therefore, we present you our new members:... Continue Reading →

Our new EPM team

Our new EPM team for the school year 2013-2014 consists of: Victoria Datsi, Eirini-Agapi Gounopoulou, Eleonora Geortsiaki, Athina Koutala, Sabrina Makaridou, Aimilia Ioakimidou, Eugenia Dagkou, Alkistis Metta, Anastasia Tsavlidou, Athina Xristoforidou, Evagelia Psounou, Eugenia Tegou, Anastasis Kakos, Sophia Ananiadou, Ariadni Doni, Persephoni Eminidou. #Anastasia

 Our team was assigned to publish the first issue of 2014. Therefore, as you undestand we need some articles for our issue. These articles must be submitted to the central commitee in Italy ! 🙂  #eirini


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