New Greek EPM Team

Three years ago we were first comers and we created EPM issues from scratch. Today, three years later, our team is bigger. We have six new members from all grades of our school. We are happy that we are cooperating and we are working in two new issues. Therefore, we present you our new members: … More New Greek EPM Team

Our new EPM team

Our new EPM team for the school year 2013-2014 consists of: Victoria Datsi, Eirini-Agapi Gounopoulou, Eleonora Geortsiaki, Athina Koutala, Sabrina Makaridou, Aimilia Ioakimidou, Eugenia Dagkou, Alkistis Metta, Anastasia Tsavlidou, Athina Xristoforidou, Evagelia Psounou, Eugenia Tegou, Anastasis Kakos, Sophia Ananiadou, Ariadni Doni, Persephoni Eminidou. #Anastasia

 Our team was assigned to publish the first issue of 2014. Therefore, as you undestand we need some articles for our issue. These articles must be submitted to the central commitee in Italy ! 🙂  #eirini

Our new research about the variety of the genetic characteristics is in progress!!! We have already sent it to other schools, in order our fellow students from other schools to carry out their own research. The results of this research will be presented in the next EPMeeting in Iasi, in Romania. Our team is preparing … More

Another Goodbye

We are really happy to inform you that the 18th EPM meeting in Greece had such a great success!  All the presentations were very interesting, especially the presentations of each school . We made new decisions for the future of our magazine and we also created many long lasting friendships. At the moment, we are … More Another Goodbye

18th EPM meeting – Thessaloniki 3-8 October 2013

History of Science and Technology                                                               Technology for Green Energy European Pupils’ Magazine 18th EPM Meeting THE PROGRAM OF THE MEETING Thessaloniki, Greece 3-8 October 2013                                                                             Thursday 3 October Arrival at  school (8-9) Welcome ceremony (60 min) (9-10)   INTRODUCTORY SESSION (10.30 -11.30) CHAIRMEN: N. Georgolios, S.Friligkos,  A. Rapisarda Students present their … More 18th EPM meeting – Thessaloniki 3-8 October 2013